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Solve Irrigation Problems

Solve Irrigation Problems Upgrade an old system, or avoid the problems of a new system with MP Rotators.

Low pressure. For systems with overloaded zone or stretched spacing, the low-flow rate of MP Rotators will increase the pressure of the lateral line and resolve the low-pressure problem. The only thing the contractor has to do is swap out the nozzles on the existing spray head bodies with MP Rotators-no need to split zones or dig up heads.

Runoff. Avoid runoff that occurs from applying water too quickly. This low application rate sprinkler delivers water at a rate the soil can actually absorb, targeting irrigation hardships like slopes, tight soils and seeded areas. The MP Rotator also fights runoff that occurs from overspray caused by the wind with its multi-stream technology. By design, each stream maintains larger water droplets with a specific purpose in the overall pattern. This keeps the water in the desired watering area, less affected by wind drift.

Overspray. The water-efficient sprinkler has maximum adjustability through effective arc and radius adjustment-conforming to odd-shaped areas. This eliminates the typical overspray associated with fixed arc spray nozzles.

Landscape architects prefer the performance advantages and design flexibility of the MP Rotator. Compared to spray heads and single-stream rotors, the MP 1000 2000 and 3000, as well as the MP Strip and MP Corner, can be combined on the same zone because they all maintain matched precipitation, even after arc radius adjustment.

Lower flow requirements allow MP Rotators to triple the area covered per zone, reducing the number of valves installed which means fewer control stations, less pipe, less wire and less labor. This provides a new level of design and installation flexibility.

Water-Sensible Green Spaces For a Healthier Planet

Water-Sensible Green Spaces For a Healthier Planet Everyone has a childhood memory of running around barefoot on freshly cut grass. As you run, taking in every last breath to fuel your game of tag or capture the flag, you probably didn't think about the value of the clean air you were in hailing or the importance of the grass that stained your feet. A lawn with approximately 2,500 square feet of grass absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and releases enough oxygen for a family of four to breathe. Green spaces like your lawn are essential to the livelihood of the planet, but even more important is the water used to maintain their green spaces.

In the arid southwest, water is a scarce commodity and we must employ water conservation practices everywhere possible, especially in the outdoors. The irrigation industry has come a long way in the advancement of water-efficient irrigation technology. Like low-flow showerheads for the interior of the home, there are water-efficient irrigation products designed to greatly reduce landscape water use. Today, you can have a water-sensible lawn while giving your kids a barefoot-friendly outdoor playground.

Irrigation and Green Space

Create Healthier Green Spaces with Water-Wise Irrigation Products

From home and commercial lawns of golf courses and sports fields, green spaces are ever-present. But in order to create sustainable green spaces, efficient irrigation is required. While irrigation products Yesteryear lacked water-saving capabilities, irrigation products of today are far more advanced. The following water-saving irrigation technologies can be implemented into any landscape, at any time.

Water-Efficient Sprinklers
Water-Efficient Sprinklers.
Opt for more efficient sprinklers, many of which are easily adapted to existing systems. Rotator-style heads - like the MP Rotator - can save up to 30 percent of overall water usage.
`Smart` Controllers
"Smart" Controllers.
"Smart" controllers rely on the weather or soil-moisture date to control irrigation system run times so you only water when your lawn needs it. For more information on smart controller varieties, visit:
Rain Sensors
Rain Sensors.
These simple devices attach to any existing irrigation system and will override an irrigation controller to shut down the system when rain is detected.
Low-Volum `Drip`Irrigation
Low-Volum "Drip" Irrigation.
"Drip" irrigation systems apply water directly to the surface of the soil above a plant's root zone, minimizing evaporation and maximizing the plant's ability to directly absorb water - requiring less water overall.
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