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Hardscaping Design

The term hardscape refers to landscaping structures constructed from inorganic materials that work toward sculpting the overall landscaping design. Hardscape includes many important elements of outdoor living including; driveways, patios, walls, fencing, and drainage. The design of the hardscape must always be treated as a very critical and precise art. Since the human mind naturally gravitates toward a sense of order and system, man-made structures on the landscape must be carefully engineered to give form to organic essence and complement to architectural style. Hardscape works to develop the aesthetic of the home and terrain in a way that magnifies its true beauty.

Materials selection is very important to hardscape design. Different materials allude to different states of mind and contribute individual aesthetic elements unique unto themselves. The feeling we get from a brick walkway is not going to be the same as the feeling we get from a concrete sidewalk. Depending on the theme of both home architecture and the surrounding landscape, hardscape material will ultimately be chosen that will unify the home with the landscape in such a fashion as to clearly establish a corresponding theme between the two.

Hardscape design also includes seat walls, retaining walls, columns, and curbs. These structures are designed the landscape properly. Constructing these elements is done with the skill to create an eye for balance, integration, and harmony always trained on both the individual forms and the overall unity they create upon completion of the project.

Paver Patios

Paver Patios Prized for their durability, affordability and strength, patio pavers have become increasingly popular among U.S. homeowners. Pavers are created in many shapes, sizes, colors, patterns and designs. Pavers bring a wide variety of designs to your outdoor patio. Pavers can be used in small gardens designs, outdoor rooms, formal and informal spaces, entryways, in your deck design.

Patio pavers are both elegant and low maintenance. Should any paver become stained or chipped, they can be easily repaired or replaced, something not duplicated with flooring options.

Patios Pavers: Types of Pavers

The variety of shapes and textures for pavers accounts for much of their popularity. A list would include the look of stone (think of the earthy and storied stone fences of old Ireland), flagstone (this paver mimics the interesting irregular shapes of original flagstone), cobblestone (antiquing technology is used to give the appearance of stone used in an Old World piazza like you might find in an Italian villa), and rectangular brick (with this classic, refined look you have the flexibility to create many interesting architectural designs).

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